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Maximum Accountability Through Integrated Technology

Upon request, we provide monthly, weekly, and daily reports of our productivity via a real-time feed with replay capability.

We track our guard routes, speed, geolocation, times within property boundaries across all devices.

How we track our guards.

Tracktics is our technology of choice when we want to see what our guards are up to.


GPS Mapping

Near real time GPS mapping provides you an accurate view of what your guards are doing, where they’re going, including driving speeds and conditions, and where they’ve been.

Incident Reporting

Things happen… you’ll receive real time entry and reporting of incidents as they happen as well as notifications to interested parties.


You’ll have access to the information that matters the most to you and you’ll have it in real time via any web or mobile device.

Waypoint Scans

Using the latest in NFC technology means no more clumsy barcode scanners or wand devices, coupled with online mapping as well as on demand reporting.

Officer Daily Reports

Daily reports are designed for easy entry for your officers and maximum visibility for you.

Custom Forms

Forms allow your company to choose what data points are important to you. Several forms out of the box and our professional form designers are there to help if you require further customization.

How we track our fleet.

A vehicle creates a larger presence which helps deterring the criminal from engaging in any future…


Intelligent Reporting

Reports can be delivered automatically, when and to whom you choose. Create one report for everyone while assuring each user only sees the vehicles that their permissions allow.

Native Mobile App

Our mobile app features native applications along with a commitment to their ongoing support. They go well beyond maps and include the key functions needed to manage your team from anywhere.


Automatic Geofencing

With Fleetmatics’ patented technology, we’ll automatically identify key locations your guards visit and categorize them for you. We also provide rankings, vital statistics and stop-by-stop details.


Set your own parameters to which indicators you’d like to keep an eye on. Set speed, stop time duration, and many other key features designed to better help you understand where your money is going.


Driver-Focused Data

A solution that puts your guards first, even if they drive different vehicles. Know how your guards are really doing and get the right fleet data to effectively coach them to improve.


Drivers simply log into the Fleetmatics LogBook app and start driving. Hours of service are tracked immediately and accurately. That’s just one more thing you can check off the list.

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