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Our Background & History


Est 1992





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How It All Began

FPK Security & Investigations had its beginnings in 1992 when Mark David established Safety Investigative Services, Inc. The company grew and diversified, adding security services in 2004. In that same year, Mr. Robert Esquivel became a partner and the company changed its name and is now known as FPK Security, Inc. & Investigations. Under the current name, the company took a pivotal turn by broadening and diversifying its operations nationwide.

Mr. Mark David, CEO, MBA, began his career in law enforcement in 1981 and formed SIS in 1992. FPK Security & Investigations, formed in 2004, was a natural progression for the partners of SIS.

In 1996, Mr. Robert Esquivel, President, joined SIS and through the years has continually shown leadership in upholding the company’s philosophies and ethics. Mr. Esquivel brought 26 years of law enforcement background and is now the President of FPK Security & Investigations.

Mark David, CEO/Founder

Roll over each market for services and state licensing numbers.


Services Provided:
Transportation, Commercial, HOA Security Services
License #: 15363


Services Provided:
Transportation and Commercial Security Services
License #: 28959


Services Provided:
Transportation and Commercial Security Services
License #: 658-55757


Services Provided:
Transportation and Commercial Security Services
Lisence #: 1566102


Services Provided:
Commercial Security Services
Security License #: 1455
Investigations License #: 861


Services Provided:
Transportation Security Services
License #: 09-01298

New Mexico

Services Provided:
Transportation and Commercial Security Services


Services Provided:
Retail and Transportation Security Services
License #: 1046289


Services Provided:
Retail and Commercial Security Services
License #: 7328615-6301


Services Provided:
Transportation and Commercial Security Services
License #: 265

Through the years, Mr. David and Mr. Esquivel recognized a need for a high quality, professional Security Company. FPK Security & Investigations recognizes the contract Security field is a saturated, highly competitive market, with a high employee turnover rate. Therefore, FPK Security & Investigations set out to hire professional security guards and offer our employees a benefit and financial package that would reduce the employee turnover rate. In addition, to ensure professional and efficient service, FPK Security & Investigations created a supervisory infrastructure that assures a quality service above all other security companies.

In order to provide and maintain an effective organization FPK Security & Investigations believes by properly educating and training our employees teams, our clients will receive the service and results they need.

Why Are We so Successful?

We understand employee longevity is a key strategic issue and will strive to create a unique corporate culture where key employees and executives can prosper both personally and financially.

FPK Security & Investigations’s success and performance quality is driven by our leadership and ability to create a strong, highly satisfying environment for supervisor and employee development. FPK Security & Investigations considers team development and enrichment programs the most prominent aspect of our operation.

FPK Security views each project as a quality first program and aim to create a safe and productive environment for both the client and our employees.

Since inception, FPK Security & Investigations has held strong alliances with law enforcement, military and district attorney offices.

Arizona: 1566102, California: 15363, Colorado: 1046289, Idaho: 09-01298, Montana: 265, Nevada – Security: 1455, Nevada – Investigations: 861, Oregon: 28959, Utah: 7328615-6301, Washington: 658-55757,

What makes FPK Security & Investigations different from others is relevant executive experience in both Security and business operations, quality of services, and FPK Security & Investigations’s commitment to professionalism, employee retention, training and efficiency. FPK Security & Investigations’s philosophy and goal is simple; We will become an extension of the client’s companies we serve.

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