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Surveillance Services

Activity Check

As with any industry, there are different opinions as to what will lead to a successful surveillance. We at FPK Security & Investigations believe that a pre-surveillance check should be performed whenever possible to verify the residence of the subject and obtain intelligence information to increase chances of obtaining results.

Determine the level of activity of the subject:

  • Verify residence, locations and vehicles
  • Conduct discreet neighborhood inquires (when appropriate and authorized)
  • Videotape activity of subject


FPK Security & Investigations has technology for all forms of discreet surveillance investigations.

  • 1/2 Day Surveillance= 4 Hours
  • 1 Day Surveillance= 8 Hours
  • 2 Day Surveillance=16 Hours

One or two day surveillance request can be broken up into four-hour increments when requested by our clients. This often results in greater opportunity to obtain positive video documentation of the subject’s activities.

Case Highlights

Case 1

This Claimant has a reported catastrophic brain injury but was found (and recorded) operating a cell phone, driving a vehicle and possibly working as a real estate agent.

Case 2

This Subject alleged multiple injuries to her left knee, right carpal and bilateral hip/thigh as a result of her duties with our Client. However, she was videotaped while vigorously sweeping her driveway. The footage includes her switching between both hands/arms while bending and stooping at the waist. Footage taken the previous day, depicted her walking in as restricted manner while arriving and departing at a scheduled medical appointment.

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