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Services Provided:

  • Fully Licensed & Vetted Armed Guards
  • Quarterly Fire Arm Training
  • Active & Former Law Enforcement & Military
  • High Value Armed Transport
  • Fixed Estate Protection
  • Ensuring General Safety & Order

Armed Guards

Our Armed Security Guards are trained, authorized, and licensed to carry firearms.
Our goal is to keep your business safe and secure at all times and while we never hope to use our weapons, in rare cases, an armed security guards firearm can prevent or reduce loss of life and other serious unfortunate tragedies. An armed security guard protecting your community, school or business is a choice that brings upon a comforting peace of mind and sense of security.

FPK Security specialize in the security and protection of medical marijuana business throughout California.  Quality cannabis security services for your marijuana dispensary is important to protect your profits and meet compliance standards

Our management, staff and armed guards also specialize in preparation & execution of emergency contingency plans. These contingency plans also involve the business owners and employees to ensure all emergency operations are executed smoothly and without fail.

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